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Natural, simple YATA Supermarket now in Yuen Long YOHO MALL I

The new YATA Supermarket (Yuen Long) opened officially in early October! The new 21,000-square-foot-plus store was designed with a Go Green, Go Nature theme in a simple style emphasizing lifestyle and trendy Go Green food culture appealing to the young generation's demand for quality living.

Four Japanese food counters and two gourmet western bars

The new YATA Supermarket in YOHO MALL I in Yuen Long follows YATA's culture of excellence and features a special Japanese and Western gourmet food zone with four Japanese food counters and two Western bars. It also has a Japanese vegetable counter and Nostalgic Showa Sundry snacks corner, all combining exquisite Japanese food and Western style to offer consumers a refreshing new taste. The Japanese food counters include a ramen restaurant that sells pork bone ramen from Kyushu from southern Japan, soya ramen from Tokyo and miso ramen from Hokkaido and the popular French dessert shop Châteraisé from Yamanashi that sells Hokkaido red beans, Kyoto Uji mocha and other Japanese desserts. Recommended are the Yamanashi Kiyoshi cream cake made with premium Yamanashi grapes sold exclusively at YATA, the Hokkaido assorted seafood rice that allows customers to choose seafood freshly imported from Japan and light snacks such as oden and deep-fried food and Okonomiyaki. The western offerings are the century-old German cocktail bar, vomFASS that brews its own spirits in traditional German barrels and showcases the colourful alcohol in transparent glass bottles like cool magical potions, and American OYSTA+ oyster bar that features a variety of freshly shucked American and European oysters that are bound to wow customers with their freshness!

Introducing quality Japanese vegetables and nostalgic snacks

YATA Supermarket continues to lead the Eat Green trend and lets customers enjoy unique food they love. The new supermarket in Yuen Long is the first YATA supermarket with a Japanese vegetable counter stocked with imported traditional local vegetables like juicy, fragrant leeks and oval eggplants that have been grown in Kyoto since the Meiji era. They will completely change thinking about how vegetables look and taste! There is also a Nostalgic Showa snack corner offering a variety of snacks from the Showa era including spectacle chocolates that can be played with and eaten, nostalgic masks, windmill whistles and more.

YATA Supermarket (Yuen Long)
Address: L1 YOHO MALL I, Yuen Long
Transport: Exit K, MTR Yuen Long Station
Tel: (852) 3705-5600


Large crowds at the supermarket opening
Nostalgic Japanese snacks bring back childhood memories
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