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Expert lectures plus yoga and bento workshops prove popular with members

The SHKP Club had a Family Fun Day recently with dietitian Gloria Tse and psychologist Ernest Lee talking about nutrition and child rearing plus a yoga session for parents and children and a bento workshop. The various activities taught members and their children to improve their strength, agility and coordination, as well as to focus the mind and improve concentration. Here are some of the suggestions from the psychologist and dietitian for members who weren't at the talks.

Better problem solving for children: the key is talking things out

Proper communication by parents can effectively improve their children's ability to solve problems independently. Ernest Lee suggests the following for parents:

  1. When a child faces a problem, it is best to give them space and let them try to solve it on their own.

  2. If the child experiences difficulty, the parent can observe and express concern or provide encouragement and recognition as appropriate, saying things such as: "that's right, this isn't easy… do it slowly" to help child focus on the matter at hand.

  3. Parents should give space for children to make decisions. If the child needs assistance, the parent can offer suggestions.

  4. If a child has a tantrum, the parent should stay calm and tell the child of their emotions, letting them understand that the parent empathizes and cares about their feelings.

Refuting common dietary misconceptions

There is far too much dietary information floating around for people to comprehend, so here dietitian Gloria Tse answers some common dietary questions. A summary of her talk appears on the SHKP Club website for everyone to read.

Common questions Dietitian's opinion
Is full-cream milk best for children's development? It depends on the age. Generally children under two should drink full-cream milk and children from two to five can drink low-fat milk. Children over five can choose skim milk.
Is eating egg yolk bad for children? Eating moderate amounts of egg yolk can help develop children's brains, so for children of normal weight parents don't need to separate egg yolks.
Does eating pork soup supplement calcium? Pork soup has very little calcium, so if you want more of it, it is better to drink milk.
Does olive oil has fewer calories than butter? Olive oil is healthier than butter but the calories are about the same.