Loving Home Newsletter

Assistance for mainland students

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation recently received representatives of Southwest University expressing their appreciation for the Foundation's support over the years, and sent its own representatives to visit Lintao Middle School in Gansu province and encourage scholarship recipients.

Nurturing talent for the country

The Foundation set up a fund at Southwest University in 2007 to support deserving students, and it has given some 1,500 grants to date. The recipients did well academically in four years of university and went on to careers that serve society, as well as helping their families out of poverty. A delegation led by university president Zhang Weiguo visited the Foundation recently to express thanks for its support for the institution over the years.

Lintao county in Gansu province is among the poorest regions in the country, with depressed education and living standards. The Foundation established a scholarship programme at Lintao Middle School in Dingxi, Gansu in 2015, enabling over 200 students to complete three years of high school. SHKP Independent Non-Executive Director Norman Leung Nai-pang and Foundation representatives visited the school recently to encourage scholarship recipients to study hard and do well in the university entrance exam, adding that with good results they could be eligible for Foundation bursaries at close to 20 mainland universities.

SHKP Independent Non-Executive Director Norman Leung Nai-pang (front, centre) and Foundation representatives with scholarship recipients at Lintao Middle School