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Noah's Ark Hong Kong summer camps training young brains for tomorrow

Many parents are struggling to arrange summer courses or signing their children up for camps as the school break approaches, and Noah's Ark Hong Kong could be the answer. It will be holding summer camps in theater, robotics and nature combining education and fun, letting children learn English as they make specialty candies, explore their talents in robotics and STEAM or learn to live outdoors.

Range of activities to unearth potential

Noah's Ark will have camps for two age groups. The Chocolate Theater Camp for children of six to nine will be in English supplemented by Cantonese. It will include an interactive workshop taught by the Chung Ying Theatre on drama and communication skills, a visit to a chocolate factory with hands-on experience and rock candy demonstration by a confectionary artist at the Hey Candy workshop. Watching and doing will let young campers apply their imagination to unique experiences and incorporate them in drama as they learn English and performing arts in a fun setting.

The Robotics Action and Nature Treasure Hunting Camps are for ages eight to 12. The Robotics Summer Camps are for children who like machines or building models and will have segments in robot Lego, robots in motion and gear-up robotics inspiring young campers to apply scientific reasoning and engineering skills with special LEGO® WeDo 2.0 components to make small cars, circuits and conveyors or devise sumo robots to battle other campers' creations. Scientifically inclined children will be able to attend electrical and mechanical workshops, learn block programming, data encryption and system integration to design and build their own robots to play in a robot competition.

Nature offers a wonderful opportunity for children to learn. Participants in the three-day, one night Nature Treasure Hunting Camp will stay in tents they put up themselves and learn to grill chicken and pizza with natural methods, explore the secrets of night animals, stargaze with professional equipment, explore plants with smartphone-turned microscopes, tie-dye T-shirts and more. The experience and learning in a natural environment will help them understand the relationship between man and nature, and cultivate positive values and views of the environment. Click here for details of how to register.

Member privilege

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