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Enjoy robatayaki cuisine in the new Royal Park Hotel Sakana Yaki restaurant

Children are actually welcome in an izakaya? We are talking about the Royal Park Hotel that recently opened a new Sakana Yaki restaurant. Besides bringing in traditional customers, people who don't drink and children can savour robatayaki delicacies to their hearts' content, choosing seasonal fish imported directly from Japan and watching the chefs grill the skin to golden crispiness before tasting the tender white flesh.

Member privilege

Patrons can enjoy the robatayaki kinki and fresh Boston lobster set for two at half price until 31 August 2017, and SHKP Club members can show their membership cards to get a salt-grilled tiger prawn for free (originally HK$98). Click here for details. Here Royal Park Hotel Assistant Section Head Samson Au describes how to prepare robatayaki kinki and fresh Boston lobster so you can savour the taste experience.

Robatayaki kinki and fresh Boston lobster

Ingredients (serves two)

Kinki one (about 400g)
Boston lobster one (about 400g)
Lemon one
Chopped white radish as preferred
Salad to taste
Sea salt  
Japanese soy sauce  


Robatayaki kinki and fresh Boston lobster


  1. Gut the kinki and remove the gills and scales, then spear on a steel skewer. Sprinkle with sea salt (more on the head and tail and less on middle) and grill it for about ten minutes over middle heat.

  2. Turn the fish and grill for another ten minutes, then set the grill on high for two minutes each side. The fish is now ready to be served. You may want to dip it in lemon juice, white radish and soy sauce before eating.

  3. Wash the lobster and puncture the tail with a chopstick to let any residual waste flow out.

  4. Cut off the head and scoop out the brains, then give them a quick rinse and put in a bowl folded from tin foil for seasoning. Add a little sake, soy sauce, butter and pepper, then put it on a grill.

  5. Remove the claws and crack the shells with the blunt edge of a knife.

  6. Cut the body in half lengthwise and coat the body and claws with butter, then season with a little salt and pepper. Grill for eight minutes over middle heat each side and it's ready.

  7. Garnish with the spiced brains, lemon juice and salad, then serve.

  8. Chef's tips: Adding Japanese snow salt, Himalayan rock salt, plum salt, or pepper salt to lobster can enhance the flavor. Summer fish include kinki, marbled rockfish and red bigeye among others. Tipplers may wish to enjoy the meal with sakes such as Ginjo or Junmai Ginjo.

Sakana Yaki
Address: 2/F, Royal Park Hotel, 8 Pak Hok Ting Street, Sha Tin (Sha Tin MTR Station Exit A)
Enquiries or reservations: (852) 2694 3969

Robatayaki kinki and fresh Boston lobster (suggested serving)
Royal Park Hotel Assistant Section Head Samson Au