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SHKP Reading Club plans full calendar of fun activities for 2017

The SHKP Reading Club held two creative writing competitions, a dozen seminars with noted personalities and different guided tours in 2016 to encourage reading in Hong Kong. There were additionally 80 school visits meeting 20,000 students and teachers plus community activities including a Reading Carnival with the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union to spread the joy of reading in the community. The Reading Club will stage more events next year to get everyone caught up in the pleasure of literature.

Reading activities galore

The Reading Club’s many popular activities included the 2016/17 Young Writers’ Debut Competition, which is now at the stage where the eight renowned judges have shortlisted 22 entries. The writers will receive coaching as they finish their creations. The top eight entries will be chosen next July for publication and distribution. The Reading Club’s Read & Share school programme with the Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association is underway with a poetry theme to give students a taste of different literary styles and maybe even encourage them in verse. Authors and book lovers will also be exploring the world of reading with insightful seminars and cultural activities in 2017.

Preparing new multimedia reading platform

After a thorough review, SHKP's management has decided to put a new focus on encouraging the younger generation to develop a literary habit, so the Reading Club is planning to introduce a brand new complimentary multimedia reading platform aimed at high school and university students and those just entering the workforce. To attract and engage the youth, there will be a print publication but online multimedia will become the primary focus, with interactive and attractive content taking into account the interests, needs and perspectives of the young generation. Watch for the new platform in 2017.