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Delicious, nutritious dish with seasonal mushrooms

Summer is here and this is when mushrooms flourish. They are rich in protein and have high nutritional value, making them favourites for many people. In this issue, Royal Park Hotel Chinese Restaurant executive chef Ken Wong is going to demonstrate how to make thousand-root mushroom deep-fried dumplings. The sophisticated procedures of stewing, stir-frying and deep-frying will take the fresh taste of mushrooms to a whole new level.

Thousand-root mushroom deep-fried dumplings (serves four)


Morel mushroom 40g
King oyster mushroom 80g
Shimeji mushroom 80g
Yam bean 80g
Fat choy (black moss) 20g
Carrot 60g
Organic fried bean ball 4 pcs
Shanghai cabbage 500g
Cherry tomato 4粒
Egg white mixture* 160g
Oil 480g
Chicken broth 160g
Sugar to taste
Chicken bouillon powder to taste
Salt to taste
Corn starch to taste
Oyster sauce to taste
Dark soy sauce to taste

* Egg white mixture ingredients: 80 grams each of egg white, corn starch and oil (corn starch must be pre-soaked for about half an hour).


  1. Soak morel mushrooms and fat choy in water, wash and chop.

  2. Wash yam beans and carrots and peel. Dice with washed King oyster and shimeji mushrooms.

  3. Wash Shanghai cabbages. Cut the leaves and bottom to form a shape of flower.

  4. Dice cherry tomatoes, briefly parboil then peel.

  5. Parboil bean balls for two minutes then soak in cold water for 30 seconds. Remove.

  6. Parboil the morel, King oyster and shimeji mushrooms with yam beans, carrots and fat choy for a minute and drain, then place in an oiled wok. Add sugar, salt, chicken bouillon powder and oyster sauce as seasoning, stew for a minute and then add a little cornstarch to thicken the soup and make filling.

  7. Stuff the filling into the fried bean balls then skewer with bamboo sticks.

  8. Get the egg white mixture ingredients and drain the corn starch then add oil. Knead the corn starch and oil to a uniform texture. Add egg white and blend.

  9. Coat the bean balls with egg white mixture and fry in boiling oil for three minutes. Remove.

  10. Add some salt and chicken bouillon powder to hot water. Put in Shanghai cabbage and cherry tomatoes and parboil for two minutes. Remove.

  11. Put chicken broth in a pot and heat with a little salt, sugar, chicken bouillon powder, soy sauce and corn starch to make a sauce.

  12. Remove bamboo skewers and place fried bean balls on a plate and top with sauce. Garnish with Shanghai cabbage and cherry tomatoes. Serve.


Thousand-root mushroom deep-fried dumplings

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Royal Park Chinese Restaurant executive chef Ken Wong
Thousand-root mushroom deep-fried dumplings