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Overwhelming response to the Sweet Family Times Competition reflects how much Hong Kong people love their families

Eating watermelons, making desserts and holding hands may seem like little things in life, but they could sometimes evoke our thoughts and perception of life. The SHKP Club has earlier held a Sweet Family Times Competition which saw an overwhelming response from over 6,000 participants aged 2 to above 80. Through words, pictures and short films, participants of all generations convey the love they have for their families. During the prize presentation ceremony, winners went on stage to share their experience, showing that there are actually many things in our daily lives that we should be happy about. They encouraged everyone to cultivate a positive attitude and savour every moment in life as well as feel the deep love from their family members.

Cat whiskers on my kid's face

The second son of Member Category Champion Kan Miu-hing was hospitalised due to respiratory viral infection. This unfortunate incident made the two brothers, Ms Kan's two sons, closer, and it shows how support from loved ones can give the patient immeasurable strength and ignite his hope and morale. Kan Miu-hing said that although there's not much enthusiasm as expected when the brothers finally reunited, she couldn't help but feel happy and sweet when she saw her usually boorish elder son patiently teaching his younger brother.

Clumsy pastry chef turned 'stressed' into 'desserts'

With a 'Can Do' attitude, runner-up of the Member Category Sum Kwok-fai, became a first-time chef in order to cheer for his beloved wife who had just undergone a gastric cancer surgery. However, his attempts at cooking failed and he even got his left hand swollen in the process. This experience made him realised that cooking is not an easy task and he started to grow appreciative of his wife's love for him. Speaking before the audience at the prize presentation ceremony, Sum Kwok-fai urged all husbands to take it more sincerely about going home for the soup their wives have prepared for them, because these women have been waiting at home for as long as 8 hours. He also encouraged them to see things from alternative perspectives and 'stressed' emotions can indeed turn into 'desserts'.

Even a one-and-a-half-year-old child understands that one shouldn't quarrel over little things

Love can actually be simple and pure. The son of Member Category Second Runner-up Lo Sze-wan is only one and a half years old. However, he is able to tell when his mum is upset. When it happened, he put down his toy and come close to hold her hand. This is his act of giving his beloved mother a little comfort. She added that her son also 'punished' his dad by patting him whenever he sees his father making her cry. These acts are so full of innocence that the couple's anger will immediately vanish. Such incidents made her realised that although the child may be young, he places great importance on the family, and that one should not quarrel over little things.

Sweet family through children's eyes

All parents want to give their children a sweet and happy home. But have you ever considered what kind of home is a happy home? Based on all the competition entries submitted for the 'Open Category – Junior' and 'Open Category – Intermediate' (18 years old and below), SHKP Club found that more than 35% of the entries portray the mother as the protagonist in a sweet family, 24% portray the whole family, 13% portray both parents while only 10% portray the father as protagonist. Such results show how visible and important the role of a mother is in a sweet family. In addition, we have shortlisted some paintings from the 'Open Category – Junior' and merge them into a collage characterized by the different aspects of family life. To a child, whether they are having an after-meal chat or a fun outing to the park, they are a sweet family as long as they stay happily together.


To view entries of the competition, visit the page 'Loving Home from the Heart' on the SHKP Club Website and share sweet moments of busy city dwellers through their words, colours and camera lenses. Click here for details.

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