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SHKP Reading Club participates in Hong Kong Book Fair to create a pleasant reading experience

Committed to promoting reading and holistic development, the SHKP Reading Club took keen initiatives in this year's Hong Kong Book Fair. Besides sponsoring underprivileged children to visit the Book Fair for the seventh consecutive year, it also set up a booth for the first time in the Fair and sponsored ten Children and Youth Reading Series seminars, encouraging people of all ages to immerse themselves in the colorful sea of books.

Bringing children to the Fair with book allowances

This year, SHKP continued to support the Read to Dream programme and sponsored ten seminars of the Children and Youth Reading Series which invited celebrity speakers to share their thoughts. Among these speakers were leading figure in Mathematics Professor Yau Shing-tung, Clinical Psychologist Annie Ho, famous writer Erica Li, etc. With the sponsorship, underprivileged children did not only go to the book fair and purchase useful books accompanied by hundreds of volunteers, they also had a chance to attend a creativity workshop hosted by winners of the Young Writers' Debut Competition, further experiencing the joy of reading and creative work.

Promoting reading in the city

SHKP had 'happy reading' as the theme for SHKP Reading Club's booth at the Book Fair. Individuals who were interested could register on the spot to join the Club. Members expressed appreciation for SHKP's effort in promoting a reading culture and hoped to participate in future reading activities organized by the Club. In fact, there are many booklovers in Hong Kong. According to SHKP Reading Index survey conducted in 2014: respondents with reading habits spent 5 hours per week on reading (compared to 4.7 hours in 2013) and has read 6.1 books (compared to 6 books in 2013) on average over the past six months. The results have shown an increase from last year.

Famous financial and economic celebrities sharing their unique experiences

In addition to supporting the Book Fair, the SHKP Reading Club recently held seminars in July where 'father of private enterprises' Joe Zhang and stock market commentator Agnes Wu were invited to speak on the relationship between reading and wealth. Mr Zhang stressed on the importance of time management: 'If no time is wasted on pointless things, there will be time to read and think.' Agnes Wu stated that reading is a 'sure win' investment because the beneficiary is definitely the reader. There were seat quotas at the seminar reserved for SHKP Club members so they could get a chance to learn from the financial and economic experts.

SHKP volunteers accompany underprivileged children to the booth of SHKP Reading Club at the Book Fair
Joe Zhang (right) and Agnes Wu (left) host 'A Book Holds a House of Gold' seminar