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Loving Home Sweet Heart Kitchen  Creating a 'taste of love' together with you

Flowers have floral fragrance, fruits have fresh fruity smells...... what flavour does love have? SHKP Club's Sweet Heart Kitchen will create a 'taste of love' with you, turning your feelings for your loved ones into lovely flavors through our Loving Home Sweet Heart Kitchen cooking classes.

Making lovely low-sugar cakes for loved ones

With the increasing health consciousness among the urban population, SHKP Club will organize the Loving Home Sweet Heart Kitchen cooking classes, whereby chefs from SHKP hotels will be teaching members how to cook healthy food for the family. In July, Royal Plaza Hotel's chef will be demonstrating how to make low-sugar raspberry chocolate mousse cake, so that you can learn and personally prepare delicious food for your health-conscious family members. While your loved ones enjoy the sweet refreshing taste of low-sugar cakes, they will also feel your loving care.